Ardell Dellaloggia of Better Properties RE Seattle/King
Ardell DellaLoggia
  • Community Events

    Monday Night Mahjong

    Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club

    The new location is not where Meetup denotes, but the smaller building just to the south. • Map with areas highlighted (• Directions can be found here ( For the closest parking in the garage, follow...

    The Sacred Sharing Circle

    The World of Meditation Meetup Group

    The emphasis of this Sacred Sharing Circle is on creating a space where each person is able to speak about whatever they wish, in a safe and non-confronting atmosphere. The group is leaderless, with each person having 10 minutes sharing; and, if...

    Kirkland Chess Meetup

    Kirkland Chess Meetup

    Everyone will have fun learning and playing chess

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